Cornerstone has been providing club membership services and streamlining the event registation process for some of the most successful car and motorcycle organizations around the world.

Cornerstone Registration, Ltd. was founded in March 2000 with the idea that in order for car and motorcycle clubs to be more successful, they needed professional membership management. As clubs grow, they need to be managed more like a business than a hobby; they need accurate membership information tracking, friendly service and adherence to accounting principles.

When a club starts out, volunteers are typically utilized to track memberships, renewal dates, dues collection and reporting. As a club grows in size, volunteers begin to become weighted down in the mechanics of managing all this information. Some try to utilize note cards; others use home-grown software. As time goes on, volunteers realize the inadequacy of these methods and the club no longer becomes "fun" for them. Cornerstone frees these organizations from the burden of maintaining all this information and provides additional services that could never be achieved by volunteers alone. Cornerstone's systems are leading-edge, highly secure and time-tested. Our staff is service-oriented, friendly and are members of car and motorcycles clubs themselves!

Cornerstone’s membership services are enjoyed by car and motorcycle clubs as small as 1,000 members to as large as 15,000.